Saturday, May 17, 2014

Start and Ending Time for New York Stock Exchange

NYSE Start Time is 9:30 AM EST
NYSE Ending Time is 4:00 PM EST

Monday to Friday

NASDAQ 10 year Chart

Here is a the NASDAQ 100 Index 10 year Chart.

Hope you find it useful.

When Does the NYSE Trading Begin?

NYSE Current Trading Hours:
The NYSE opens at 9:30 am EST and closes at 4:00 PM EST

So the NYSE Trading Begins at 9:30 AM EST Monday to Friday

Which is the Cheapest Stock in NYSE

To point out just one Cheapest Stock in NYSE can be difficult as the price keeps changing.

Here is a list of some stocks which are trading at very cheap prices on NYSE as of today( 05/18/2014)
This is also a list of stocks under $1

Symbol Last Price
AAAIF 0.105
AABVF 0.11
AACTF 0.359
AADG 0.0023
AAEH 0.1
AAGC 0.0026
AAIR 0.007
AAMTF 0.085
AAPH 0.0022
AAPT 0.0035
AASL 0.1
AAST 0.0091
AAVG 0.0004
ABAT 0.29
ABBY 0.0067
ABCFF 0.0455
ABGPF 0.2048
ABGSF 0.89
ABHD 0.45
ABHI 0.4
ABKI 0.75
ABMBF 0.0623
ABMC 0.13
ABOT 0.0007
ABPA 0.0024
ABPI 0.0038
ABSOF 0.8961
ABWAF 0.22
ABWG 0.0012
ACAR 0.52
ACBC 0.14
ACCP 0.442
ACCS 0.0026
ACDU 0.0019
ACGI 0.0011
ACGX 0.0056
ACKRF 0.079
ACLP 0.0004
ACME 0.04
ACNDF 0.588
ACNOF 0.845
ACOPF 0.682
ACRB 0.03
ACRI 0.025
ACST 0.94
ACTC 0.0586
ACTRF 0.94
ACUS 0.7102
ADAT 0.83
ADBI 0.0175

What is Stock Watch NYSE?

Stock Watch NYSE is a computerized service what attempts to monitor all trading activity in stocks which are listed in NYSE. 

The System is equipped to track and monitor any unusual activity cause due to rumors or illegal practices.

The Stock Watch dept of NYSE is equipped to investigate any suspicious activity and take required action.

What Is The Nyse At?

Where is the NYSE located at?

NYSE is located at the following address:
11 Wall Street, Lower Manhattan
New York City, NY, USA

Is the Stock Market Open on Memorial day 2014

Is the Stock Market Open on Memorial day 2014

The Stock Market is closed on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day for 2014 is on May 26 and the Stock market is not open on this day.